“Not the same” doesn’t mean not awesome!

Did you cry at the announcement that Glastonbury was cancelled again this year? We shed a little tear but then we realised we’re a virtual events company and we could save Glasto! So over our commiseration beers we planned what a virtual Glastonbury could look like.

We’re not claiming it would be the same but, with our experience first attitude, it could be incredible and we deserve a little festival fun in these dark times. Here’s the deal; you read the plan, you love the plan, you share the plan all over social media and tag Glastonbury festival when you do.

Music lovers, unite!

The music.

Imagine the biggest names in music playing concerts from their own homes – you don’t have to do much imagining, it’s already happening (loving the Crooner Sessions, Gary)! Of course Glasto deserves more than just streamed acts which is why we’d also include immersive VR to capture some of the atmosphere that makes this incredible festival what it is.

On our virtual event platform Drake, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny and co can all be playing their sets, some large sessions, some smaller and more intimate, and you get to swing by whichever you fancy. Plus notifications when your favorite is about to go on stage and no worries that you’ll still be in that 3 hour long toilet queue!

Glasto from home also comes with the added benefit of seeing your music idols in their own environment, we love a virtual background as much as the next millennial but getting a 360° peek at a corner of Robyn’s home? Sign us up!

While the mud and crowds might be a big part of the festival experience, ultimately we’re all going for the music and that’s something that does translate well into digital. Don’t tell us it’s no good for dancing, we’ve seen you throwing some moves on the DJ live streams!

laptop screen showing a woman wearing headphones and dancing

The social side.

It wouldn’t be a festival without bumping into that guy who’s name you can’t really remember but is always at the same events you are, right? We’ve got that covered too!

From looking around the VR environment to see who’s rocking out with you to changing our networking tables to tents, you can catch up with the Glastonbury regulars and meet new people from the comfort of your own home. Chat about which acts you’ve seen, how much it sucks to not be there in person and how you think 2022 is going to be the best Glasto ever. You can even put your drinks in plastic cups if that helps you get in the spirit, we won’t judge.

Man wearing a VR headset and holding a controller among a crowd of people at Glastonbury.

The Glastonbury experience.

We’ve loved the BBC’s tribute to the much loved music festival but we want more! We want a badass lineup of acts ready to make us forget our problems. We want impromptu singalongs with people we’ve never seen before and will never see again. We want music and friendship and joy and all the other wonderful things that Glastonbury gives to so many of us.

Mostly we want to be safe and together so until that pesky virus is under control please, Team Glasto, let us have Glastonbury…virtually!

Let’s make it happen!